Stationary Templates

Hi! I am a Gold Coast based artist, born in Sydney but spent most of my childhood on the coast. My mother is an artist and her mother before her. Im proud to be keeping our artistic trait alive and well! The motivation behind my online
store is my precious daughter. Before her, it was commissions and painting for
fun! Now I have a more important purpose. I want to support my growing family,
and what better way than to do it by using my passion for art!


A bit more about who I am as a

I like to call myself a Christian,
even though it can be a daily struggle to be Christ-like! Even still, I try to live by Jesus’s teachings. Love God and love others, simple yet very difficult at times. I love nature! All sorts. I could stay at the beach all day, swimming
in the ocean. I could live in a tree house in the forest, surrounded by the sound of rushing water!

I am all about family, friends, and
community. I strive to have strong and meaningful relationships and live in a community
that supports and looks out for each other. So right now, I’m focused on
supporting my family. I’m trying to build a supportive community. And I live in the suburbs hoping to own a bit of land one day! I’m excited for the journey, and I remind myself that even though I’m not where I want to be, its apart of getting to where I want to end up.



works in progress

Below are some works in progress. These are designs I hope to use one day, I just haven’t found the right place for them yet.

flamingo print


A simple yet fun flamingo print. I have made wrapping paper from it but I have bigger dreams for it yet!

Wren in wild flower

Wern #1

I have combined two different acrylic styles and two different paintings. I finished with my digital flower-butterfly design on top. I really love the contrast in the two styles and colours. The bulky block colours on top of a gentle, soft wildflower garden.

Platypus in the stream


This platypus is from my Australian animal series. I have taken it and created a two layered design. An abstract image of a platypus swimming down the stream.

Fox in motion

Fox print

This is my water colour original of a fox going through the motions. Would love to some day make it a print!

Fox in motion original


This is the original curious fox in motion. From this design I have made many different variations of the fox print.

simple flowers


A simple digital flower design that i just think is really fun!

Gumtree koala


A combination of my acrylic Australian art series and digital work.

Child-like wren

Wren #2

Another take on my Wren in the garden. A simplistic, Child like design. I love the contrast between combing two images!